Virat Kohli Collabs With Yashraj Mukhate

Exciting Collaboration: Virat Kohli and Yashraj Mukhate Unveil an Infectious World Cup Jingle, Delighting Fans

Virat Kohli and Yashraj Mukhate

The fever of the ICC World Cup has completely taken over Indian cricket fans, and everyone is praying that the players in blue win the cup. In the midst of all this, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and content creator Yashraj Mukhate have created a unique collaboration that’s making waves on social media. This time, Yashraj has brought an inspirational World Cup jingle, and it has received widespread praise from netizens.

Exciting Collaboration: Virat Kohli and Yashraj Mukhate Unveil an Infectious World Cup Jingle, Delighting Fans

In the video, Kohli is seen relaxing by the pool in his cricket jersey, enjoying some chips when he gets disturbed by the commotion in the background, where Yashraj tries to break free from the grip of Kohli’s bodyguard.

Kohli directs his people to let the content creator in, and then a hilarious comedy sketch ensues that will surely tickle your funny bone. An excited Yashraj welcomes the former Indian captain, saying, “Big fan, sir, big fan!” However, Virat responded in an unexpected manner when Yashraj addressed him as “sir.”

He showed his disappointment, prompting a swift correction from Yashraj, who then referred to him as “Mr. Kohli.” but the Indian cricketer remains unimpressed. Then, the content creator introduces himself, saying, “Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Yashraj Mukhate. I make songs. You must have heard of me.” Kohli looks bewildered and turns to his bodyguards to see if they recognize him, but they also appear clueless.

Yashraj, expressing his displeasure with the cricketer’s attitude, says, “Even I have a decent number of followers.” Kohli questions, “Do you have more followers than me? Are you showing off?” To which the content creator humbly apologizes. What’s noteworthy is that Virat Kohli quickly diffuses the tension by playfully admitting that he’s familiar with Yashraj, the creator behind the viral “Rasode Mein Kaun Tha” video.

This scene sets the stage for the newly created ICC World Cup jingle, performed by the duo. The catchy tagline, “Kap Layega India” (India will win the cup), has captured the show’s essence.

With over nine million views in a single day, this jingle has garnered much praise and appreciation from cricket fans. One fan exclaimed, “This is epic!” Another commented, “This is really good. Better than the original World Cup song.” Yet another added, “Great jingle! Virat Kohli and you nailed it.”

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Some even suggested that Kohli’s acting skills are better than several Bollywood actors. One user remarked, “Kohli acts better than many Bollywood actors.” Another agreed, saying, “After retiring from cricket, Virat can surely start an acting career. Perfection.”

The much-anticipated ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 features a total of 48 matches, played across 10 venues in India. The first match of the One-Day Tournament will be played between England and New Zealand on Thursday,
October 5. The concluding match is set for November 19th.

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