Tiger 3 Trailer

Exciting Twist in Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 Trailer Leaves Fans Thrilled! Discover Their Reactions.

Tiger 3 Trailer

The Tiger 3 trailer of Salman Khan’s much awaited has now been released. Part of Yash Raj Films’ spy-universe, the film is the third installment of Tiger Pizza. The telecom was launched on October 16 at 12 noon.

As the telecast moves forward, we see Revathi who is apparently replacing Divya Karnad, who had the lead role as RAW boss, reported Tiger. Telecom begins with the story of Tiger starring Salman Khan, who is living a happy family life with his wife (Katrina Kaif) and son. However, the description of the film’s “villain” immediately confirms that she is making Tiger’s life hell Tiger 3 Trailer.

There is a surprise here. The voice of the villain sounds familiar, but it’s not immediately clear who is behind that voice. Apart from this, the film’s concert has kept the villain’s face hidden in the entire telecast. Salman Khan has played the role of a loving father, a caring husband and then a courageous hero.

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Seen in Tiger. The familiar villain made changes for every possible endeavor. It looks like Tiger’s son has been kidnapped Tiger , his wife is the girl in the bathrobe walking around and Tiger has been shot Tiger dead like candy. And, this time, it’s personal Tiger .

During Telecom’s Click Max, we came to know that the villain is being played by none other than Emraan Hashmi. “Welcome to Pakistan,” says Imran, when we see him in an unusual guise – back to him Tiger , gray and lucky.

One fan wrote, “Tiger is always Tiger, cinema is about to change the stadium.” Adi Bharatiya, marrying an Indian man Tiger , living and working in Indian films, is this not suitable for you? We feel the waste of making him a unique actor only when we make Salman. “He is our pride,” wrote another Tiger 3.

Another fan said, “Honestly if this isn’t hair-raising I really don’t know what is.” Another wrote, “Brother and Imran that was classic goosebumps Tiger 3”

According to the release date of Salman Khan’s Tiger 3, Shah Rukh Khan will play a special role as Pancake in the film. However, there is no mention in Telecom. This film directed by Manish Sharma will be released on November 12.

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